Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wii Records

For all you wii peoples, compare and contrast records. Some I don't know because as far as I know you can't see the records unless you play the game and get to the end, and i didn't take the time to do that for some of the games. And some of the games I just don't play much.

Wii Fit
Ski Slalom (beginner): 18.75s (closing in on world record, 18.15s)
Ski Slalom (advanced): 33.65s
Heading (beginner): 555 (tied for world record)
Heading (advanced): 655 (tied for world record)
Hula Hoop: 312 (a little ways to go for world record 334)
Tight Rope (beginner): 26.96s
Tight Rope (advanced): 32.10s
Tight Rope (expert): 45.2s
Table Tilt (beginner): 118 pts
Table Tiltl (advanced): 93 pts
Bubble (beginner): 29.73s
Bubble (Advanced): 33.25s
Penguin: 125 (approaching world record, 133)
Ski Jump: 354m
Snow Board (beginner): 19.26
Snow Board (advanced): 39.63

Wii Sports
Bowling: 300 (3 consecutive 300s)
Golf: -10
Tennis: 2275 skill ranking

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