Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Incompetence in a Liberal is a Virtue

Many attacks from the media, and various other left wing sources, are being leveled at McCain and/or Palin in regards to their competence and ability to lead. Personally, I don't question either of them on those grounds, but if others want to that's fine. I'm more concerned with Obama's competence and ability to lead. My problem with Obama is not that I feel he lacks competence, or the ability to lead. On the contrary, I fear that he DOES most likely have those attributes. And the fact that he does possess those qualities, combined with his values, policies and agenda, and you have a BAD thing, not a positive one. The fact that he is competent and possesses strong leadership qualities means he's more likely to be able to push his agenda through, especially with a Dem-controlled Congress. If Obama was less competent and less capable, he would probably be less dangerous because he would be more ineffectual. Hitler was a competent, capable, charismatic leader. Someone else in his same position, who shared his ideals, goals and beliefs, but who had less competence and leadership ability, would have wreaked a lot less havoc than Hitler did. Not to say Obama is Hitler at all, I'm just making the point that although being a strong, competent 'leader' is usually considered a positive, it isn't necessarilly. So don't try to convince me that Obama is competent and ready to be a strong leader. That's exactly what I'm afraid of. And because he is, that's all the more reason to never, ever, ever consider voting for him, given his dangerous and asinine beliefs and policies.

I believe Obama when he says that he will nationalize health care. I believe Obama when he says that he'll submit American foreign policy to the court of world opinion. I believe Obama when he says he thought going into Iraq was a bad idea, and that the surge would never work. I believe Obama when he says that he will raise taxes. I believe Obama when he says that he'll raise the federal minimum wage EVERY year that he's in office. I believe that he will defend and expand abortion 'rights' whenever given the opportunity. I believe Obama when he says he will massively increase federal spending on social programs. I believe that he will do, or attempt to do, all of these things. That's precisely the problem. I'd be less concerned about him if I felt he was lying about his agenda, or if I felt he'd be incapable of accomplishing it.

As another example, look at the leadership deficient democratic controlled Congress. Case in point. Right now they lack both competence and strong leadership, and the result is that they are the quintessential do-nothing Congress. But a do-nothing Democratic controlled Congress is a lot better than a do-something Democrat controlled Congress. And when they get nothing done I breathe a sigh of relief, because if they got done what they wanted to get done we'd all be in trouble.

In summation, when you say 'Obama would be a good leader', I reply 'Yes he would, hence vote McCain'. Not because McCain wouldn't be a strong leader. I think he would. But even if he wouldn't be, an ineffectual leader with sound policies and goals is better than an effective leader with destructive policies and goals.