Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vote Obama!... Actually, don't.

"How could you not like Obama?" Um, more like how could I possibly even consider liking him? I am a conservative, with conservative beliefs and principles. Obama is the most liberal member of the US Senate. The end. It's a non-starter. Even if you question National Journals ranking of him as the number 1 liberal, as that is obviously somewhat subjective, I don't think anyone would argue the fact that he's at least in the top 5 or 10. So what's there for me to even consider? He wants retreat and surrender in Iraq; I want to stay the course. He thinks it was a mistake to go into Iraq in the first place; I think it was an absolute necessity. He has said he would meet with the likes of Ahmedenijahd with no preconditions; I think that's asinine. He's for strict gun controls; I'm pro 2nd-amendment. He's for unfettered abortion rights; I think abortion is murder. He has said that he would appoint liberal judges in the mold of Ginsberg; I want conservative, constructionist judges appointed. He wants to socialize healthcare; I believe in free market solutions. He wants to raise taxes, and increase federal spending on social programs; I want to cut taxes and cut spending. He's a global warming alarmist; I think it's not a big problem and that economic prosperity and freedom is a more important concern that usually trumps environmental concerns. He wants "comprehensive immigration reform" AKA amnesty; I want enforcement first, along with deportations. What am I missing? How could I possibly even consider voting for someone who believes the opposite of me on basically every important issue?

The real question is why any conservative, or even moderate for that matter, would ever contemplate voting for someone who is SO liberal. It doesn't make sense to me. "Obama is a uniter?" Uh, how do you figure? Doesn't a uniter do things like compromise? Why then does Obama toe the democratic party line on literally every issue imaginable? If anything it's MCCAIN (who I'm not a big fan of either, by the way) who could rightly be labeled a 'uniter' of sorts. He CO-AUTHORED McCain-Kennedy, and McCain-Feingold. Both of which were liberal legislation that conservatives and Republicans opposed. His name is in the titles for heaven's sake. He's against waterboarding. He's for that cap-and-trade nonsense. He voted against Bush's (brilliant) tax cuts TWICE. He's constantly reaching across the aisle to liberal democrats. You want unity? You want change? Then McCain is your guy. You want standard-issue, democratic party-line politics? Go Obama.

So, without even considering Obama's character, I can already say that I would never vote for him based on his values and beliefs alone. All this without even breaching the issue to his questionable character and personal decisions i.e. attending a church with a pastor who preaches hatred of America, and racism from the pulpit. Marrying a woman who has never been proud of this country. Serving on boards and giving speeches with an unrepentant terrorist etc.

He's attempting to sell that he's a post-politics politician, above the fray, and unsullied by politics-as-usual. You might even be tempted to believe him given his short, and relatively 'clean' recor. But look at the Jeremiah Wright situation and you quickly see that he's the quintessential politician who will say and do whatever helps him get elected. That is: when he first responded to the Wright situation, he refused to distance himself from his pastor. "I can no more disown him than I can the black community". Uh, Ok. A month later, when Wright went on a speaking tour in the middle of Obama's campaign that was severely hurting Obama, Obama instantly threw Wright under the bus. And Obama even ADMITTED that the reason he was upset at Wright WASN'T because of what he was saying (i.e. hating America, government creating AIDS as a form of eugenics, etc.), because Wright wasn't saying anything new, or different than he had said before. But he was upset with Wright because Wright had the nerve to put himself in the public eye at a time that it was hurting Obama's campaign. If that's not the very definition of a self-serving politician, I don't know what is. Not to mention it illuminates the fact that he was well aware of the type of statements and ideas that Wright stands for when he was sitting in the pew for 20 years listening to the garbage.

So, if you are a liberal yourself, then i completely understand why you would want to vote for Barack Obama. He shares your ideals, and he's a very talented speaker (and speech-writer for that matter). That makes sense. If you are a conservative, or moderate, then he doesn't share most of your ideals, and has no intention on compromising on his own. So what could you possibly find attractive about electing him? "But I don't like McCain either". That's understandable. Truth be told, McCain is not a conservative either. But if that's the case then it would seem to me your choices are between voting McCain and not voting at all. Rather than vote for someone who is going to devote every breath he takes to fighting AGAINST what you believe.

But if you do decide to vote for him, and he does happen to get elected, then I hope you have a good time at the celebration rally. As you find yourself wedged between an atheist, Marxist professor with The Communist Manifesto tucked under his arm on one side and a San Franciscan transsexual hippy pothead on the other. And as you gaze at the trannies adam's apple bobbing up and down gently between gasps of exultation I hope you wonder to yourself "what am i doing here?" Because I was wondering the same thing.

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