Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tournament Poker Frustrations - Finally Relieved!

I finally made a big score in a tournament. Tied for my biggest score ever. In a $100 tournament I got 1st out of 414 people, for $7200. It's funny because I don't play $100 tournaments, or any big field tournaments, during the week because they take too long, and I have to sleep. I found this one that starts at 9 at night, and is a turbo. I played it once, and it only takes about 3-3.5 hours to finish the whole thing (if you last that long). And, I'm very experienced at playing turbo structures from playing turbo MTT SNGs, and I noticed that the vast majority of this field were making large fundamental errors for a turbo format, so I tried to play it every night. Because i felt I had a solid advantage over the field. And on just my 4th night playing it I took it down. These moments come so rarely in tournament poker (even when you're playing well), gotta cherish them. Also, Dennis Phillips was in the same tournament and got 6th. He's not that well known, but he made the 2008 WSOP final table as the chip leader, and ended up getting 3rd for probably 3 million ish (i don't remember).

Best part about it is I feel like i'm consistently playing really well in tournaments right now, and making very few mistakes. Now I just need to final table the sunday million, or any big sunday tournament and I'll be happy.