Friday, July 16, 2010

'Facebook: The Movie' Will Be Awesome

When I first heard of 'Facebook: The Movie' (now 'The Social Network') I thought it sounded like one of Hollywood's stupidest ideas ever. Then I heard my favorite director David Fincher--who trends towards dark, gritty material and style--was directing it and I was confused. Now that the trailer has been released, it's undoubtedly my most anticipated upcoming film.

The cast looks interesting. I dislike Timberlake in principle, though he does have some acting chops. It's funny that the lead in the film is played by that Michael Cera clone guy. Especially with the proceedings in the film having to do with accusations of theft of intellectual property. Someone could (and undoubtedly will) edit this trailer and make it into a spoof where Michael Cera is suing this kid for identity theft.

Anyways, the film looks awesome. Also the song in the trailer, which I guess is a remake of a Radiohead's song called 'Creep', is haunting and great.

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