Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Poker - Up ~$26,000 in 4 days

So sick. So so sick. I'm running absurdly good. Playing well also but especially running soooo good. So after my $11k 1st on Saturday i didn't play at all on big tourney Sunday because of prior responsibilities.

On Monday I had a brutal day at tourneys down somewhere around $600 w only 1 small cash out of like 10 tournies. However i was up $1200 at pot limit Omaha cash games on the day for a net of +$600. Then tonight. I only played 3 tournaments tonight; a $109 turbo, the nightly $162 and the nightly $55. I busted out of the $55 pretty early on. In the $109 I got 7th out of 500 people for $1600. That was slightly disappointing. And in the $162 I got 3rd out of 800 people for $12,000! Which wasn't disappointing except that the hand i went out on was my AK losing to A6, where i was a big favorite to win and be heads up and win at least $16k with a shot at $22k. However I was satisfied.

The last 4 days have been amazing, as have the last 4 months of poker or so. I'm very focused, playing excellent and running insanely well. I love poker.

An updated look at my sharkscope:

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