Monday, November 3, 2008

Silver Lining (Election Day Eve)

Tomorrow is election day and what is likely going to be a large victory for Barack Obama and the democrats, if the polls are to be believed. It will be a sad night indeed if that is the case, but there is always a silver lining. In this case, there will be multiple silver linings. Here are a few.

Obama winning confirms what we already knew: that racism does not play a significant role in American life in the 21st century. His success is far from the first piece of conclusive evidence, but it does make it that much more blatantly obvious how far we've come as a nation. In case you missed the last 20 years, which many leftists and black leaders (a la Jackson/Sharpton) and their disciples seem to have done. With their constant race baiting and incessant crying foul where none occurred. Racism will always exist in certain pockets and fringes of society, but it is no longer a major stumbling block in every day life, be it at school, work, or even in the judicial system.

Obama and McCain trying to 'out-conservative' each other during the general election was the 2nd ray of hope. "I'll cut taxes more! No, i will!", "I'll freeze spending! Well I'll cut spending item by item.", "I'll get Bin Laden", "well I will KILL Bin Laden" etc. In truth Obama is no where as near to the center as he portrayed himself during the general election, but the fact that when he did move right voters responded is a validation of conservative principles, not a rebuke of them. Of course this doesn't mean Obama's move is genuine in any way. But it does mean that conservative principles are alive and well and not going anywhere soon. Though expect them to be quickly abandoned after inauguration day.

Obama winning (along with dems controlling Congress) would also send a message to the Republican party that has been drifting further and further from it's core principles to return to them. You need a Carter before you can get a Reagan. That has been said many times by various pundits, and it is true. It would be nice if we could keep a principled, conservative, Republican Congress and President forever to infinity, but as their power grows more consolidated, they slide further from their principles which are ANTI centralized, strong federal government. So that ebb and flow is inevitable, and in order to keep Republicans conservative, it's also necessary. If only they would remain principled of their own volition.

However, all these positives will hardly outweigh the negatives that Obama's policies, in tandem with the Pelosi/Reed/Frank Congress, will wreak on our lives for at least 4 years. Indeed the biggest negative of Obama winning would be the fact that there would be few checks on the Democrats running wild with their preposterous policies, both domestic and foreign. If you want to avoid this, get out and vote McCain tomorrow. But even if you don't, I'll look on the bright side. So smile conservative kids. Losing isn't as bad as being wrong. And they are, and we aren't.

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